Our Process - It's Simple

Every loan starts with a Simple step

Our 7 Step Process

As fully digital and mobile brokers, we’re able to process your loan application online or in our offices, which ever you’re most comfortable with. Our clients feel supported, well informed and in safe hands when applying for finance, from first contact to the clink of champagne glasses on settlement day.

Our Simple Steps


Step 1 - Hi There, Nice to Meet You

Kind of like a first date (don’t worry, less awkward). We’ll get to know your situation intimately, go away and review your financial situation.


Step 2 - Negotiating for You​

We’ll work hard negotiating with lenders to determine a suitable solution, tailored to your circumstances and goals


Step 3 - Our Recommendations​

We work for you, not the lenders - simple. We’ll spoil you for choice, and will usually present three recommendations to choose from.


Step 4 - Application Submission​

Once you’ve decided on a lender, we will collate all documentation and submit your application to your lender of choice.


Step 5 - Congratulations​

The four magic words: ‘Unconditional formal loan approval’. We’ll make sure the money reaches it’s intended location.


Step 6 - Confirmation & Settlement​

Now for the fun part, you receive your money. Buy your house, start your business, buy your mid-life crisis car (no judgement) and enjoy.


Step 7 - Post Settlement Reviews​

We’ll check in with you at loan milestones to ensure you’re on the best rate possible for the lifetime of the loan.

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