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LMI, LVR, OMG. There are some things you need to understand before applying for finance, but finance jargon and process that you’re unfamiliar with can feel daunting. We understand, but it doesn’t have to be. We break it down and keep it simple every step of the way. In this space, we’ll share tips and real life examples to help you understand what’s involved in obtaining finance when you work with us.

Business demand for equipment has hit record numbers

Businesses across the country are purchasing new equipment and vehicles in record numbers, as companies big and small embrace the strongest market conditions seen in years, according to NAB data. And with the end of the financial year approaching quickly, we’re expecting demand for equipment and vehicles to remain...

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HomeBuilder extension gives applicants extra 12 months to start building

Tens of thousands of HomeBuilder applicants around the nation can breathe a sigh of relief after the federal government extended the construction commencement requirement from six months to 18 months. It’s fair to say that the success of the HomeBuilder program caught a lot of people off guard and, as a...

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How long do you have to snap up a property in the current market?

You open up the real estate app on your phone, scroll through a few listings, and then there it is: the home of your dreams, ‘added 1 hour ago’. So just how long do you typically have to act in this hot market? Well, let’s just say it definitely...

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COVID-19 repayment amnesty over: how to avoid a bad credit rating

The COVID-19 loan deferral program and credit reporting amnesty is now over, which means banks will report any late repayments on mortgage or small business loans to credit agencies unless you’ve entered into a hardship arrangement. The banks’ mortgage deferral program and subsequent credit score reporting amnesty officially ended...

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Fixed mortgage rates set to rise in coming months: experts

House prices could jump 17% in 2021 and mortgage rates are set to rise much sooner than expected, ANZ Bank has tipped. How much earlier than expected? Well, the Reserve Bank has repeatedly said the official cash rate isn’t likely to increase for a few years, but ANZ senior economist Felicity...

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Free new mental health support service for small business owners

Floods, fire and pandemic – it’s been an incredibly tough 15 months for many Australian businesses. And with government support about to end, looking after your mental health will be just as important as taking care of your business’s financial health. With the federal government’s COVID-19 JobKeeper wage subsidy...

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How do you compare: how much of your pay goes to your mortgage?

The property market is going through a boom phase, which means housing affordability is getting tougher. So how much does the average Australian household need to put towards their monthly home loan repayments in the current market? Let’s take a look. You’ve probably noticed the housing market is going...

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$15,000 HomeBuilder grant deadline fast approaching

Thinking of building, buying a new home or renovating? The HomeBuilder scheme ends on March 31, which means you’ve got less than two weeks to take advantage of the $15,000 grant. The Australian government scheme, which was initially due to end in December but was extended to 31 March,...

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Do you have a succession plan in place for your business?

Who would take the reins of your family business if you had to take a step back from it? Turns out just one-in-six businesses have a proper plan in place. But rest assured you can develop your own succession plan fairly painlessly, with the help of a new guide....

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7 ways to make your property more attractive to potential buyers

Did you know more than a third of Australian homeowners are considering putting their property up for sale so they can take advantage of the current boom in prices? Here’s how to get your property looking spick and span for prospective buyers. New data shows seller confidence is now...

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Boom time: Australian home values surging at fastest pace in 17 years

It’s official: Australia’s housing market is in the midst of a broad-based boom, with the national home value surging 2.1% higher in February; the largest month-on-month change since 2003. We haven’t seen this kind of fast-paced growth since Guy Sebastian robbed Nollsie to win Australian Idol, Roger Federer won...

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SME credit demand improves, lenders begin next phase of COVID-19 support

Things are starting to look better for small business owners across the country with just 5% of deferred business loans yet to resume repayments. Meanwhile, there are signs that business credit demand is improving, especially when it comes to asset finance. The first bit of data comes from the Australian...

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